Vendor Spotlight // RAD Stickers + Doodads

We think it’s pretty rad that Carly Rumpf of RAD Stickers + Doodads is coming to State College! Luckily it’s only one month away! Man the summer has gone by quickly but Carly's creations are definitely something to look forward to.

Carly Rumpf, a freelance graphic designer, created RAD Stickers + Doodads in 2012. Her passion for food, puns and simple yet hilarious illustrations led her to create her first few sticker designs which later spun into more and more drawings and doodles. Initially selling exclusively on Etsy, four years and over 1,000 sales later she can now be found on other online platforms including Depop and Storenvy as well as at flea markets and fairs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware or New York.


// What is the most exciting thing about attending fleas?

I love selling at fleas and other craft fairs because it is so rewarding for real people to see my work and give me feedback. If someone walks by my table, picks up a button or a sticker and smiles or laughs, that gives me enough validation to show that the work I'm making is funny and is relatable to my customers!


// What was your favorite customer reaction to your business?

I've had a few favorite customer reactions! A customer asked to marry me in a review on my Etsy store and another told me their hilarious intentions with one of my Meme Cards. At the HBG Flea a few months ago, a girl came up to my booth and looked at everything, started squealing, and looked at me and said "This is EXACTLY my aesthetic!" It was by far the best compliment anyone has ever given me about my work! :P It's so rewarding to see that my customers also find the humor in the work that I do and sometimes I think my customers are funnier than me and they should be the ones who are making up the puns for my stickers!


We're psyched that Carly's going to be at Pop Up Ave. In the meantime, you can check her out online at these places:

RAD Stickers + Doodads Website

RADdoodads on Etsy

RADdoodads on Facebook on Instagram