Vendor Spotlight // Lucky Streak Clothing


It’s almost Friday and to celebrate we have a new Vendor Spotlight to help you get to the weekend.

Camp Hill has their very own unique clothing brand in Lucky Streak. The brand’s mastermind is Artist & Graphic Designer Rocky Woodling. Woodling only makes small batches of 35 of each design to keep things original. We love that he also has a mission to support local or American-made products. Woodling says he "puts his heart and soul into all of his designs, meaning each and every product Lucky Streak churns out is trying to tell a story to maybe make you think a little, but due to the sarcastic nature of the artist, usually just ends up making your eyeballs happy."

His sarcasm comes through to his designs and brand in general and is sure put a smile on your face. We also highly encourage you to check out Lucky Streak’s Facebook and Instagram, with some of the best content that passes through our newsfeed all week.

// What got you started in creating clothing?

I've been doing the Lucky Steak gig since 2013 I think.

// What is the most exciting thing about attending fleas?

I like talking to people and I like meeting the other vendors. At first, I didn't think I would like going to events and setting up a booth but now it's one of my favorite things about selling shirts.  


// Where does the inspiration for your company come from?

It comes from whatever my soft squishy mind absorbs and my interests change frequently. Lately, it's been Cold War and WW2 documentaries. Also, I just finished a piece that is reminiscent of my old comic books that I used to collect as a kid.


// How did friends and family react to you starting your business?

My family disowned me and my friends said I should get myself into a rehab program ASAP. 

Rocky, we're so glad you skipped rehab and followed your dream. See you at Pop Up Ave in just 37 days. Have a great Thursday!

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